On the road again

Rising before the sun and gathering with our last minute bags, we had a quick cup of (strong) coffee and waited for the bus to be ready to take us to the airport. After a short wait for the charter we were on our way to Nassau. The flight was quick and uneventful (a situation … More On the road again

A time to celebrate

As our time on Andros grows short we completed our last full impact project. Smoke detectors have traditionally not been a consideration in Bahamian building, at least on Andros. Combined with a less robust and controlled electric grid than we are used to, and frequent overloading of circuits, and you have a recipe for fire. … More A time to celebrate

Red Bays

Our day started, as it normally does down here, with one of Max’s delicious breakfasts. His kitchen helper crew did an awesome job with the French toast – maybe too good a job. We already had students arriving for VBS when we got there. Today we visited the Red Bays settlement in the far Northwest … More Red Bays

A Unique Day

VBS today… We were prepared… There would be no half sandwiches… So of course it was our smallest day. Now, by smallest I mean still about the size of our groups on the last trip, so not tiny by any means. We later learned that there was another VBS going at a local church, which … More A Unique Day

A Second Coat

First, allow me to clarify the title. I in no way wished to imply that we needed a second coat today to keep us warm. Or even a first coat. Or even a light jacket. Warm is a fairly common situation on Andros in June. Not the most common situation, but pretty common. In fact … More A Second Coat