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Welcome! After hurricane Matthew ravaged the Caribbean and The Bahamas, international and regional assistance provided support to more populated areas to help reset lives throughout the Bahamas. Due to the massive destruction in most North Andros communities, however, short term assistance was unable to stabilize the suffering families and communities.

In 1995, I began my teaching career at Lowe Sound and Nicholl’s Town Primary Schools. My time in North Andros left an indelible mark on my spirit. Though I now live in Ohio, the people, children and essence of North Andros guide my life, still today.

After Hurricane Matthew, I felt helpless as my Bahamian family and friends worked tirelessly to rebuild their communities. Their persistence and spirit inspired me to gather a team of people in my Ohio community to reach out and enhance the herculean effort of restoring and striving for enhancement in North Andros.

~Jenny Cartwright, Founder FoNA

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