Friends, New and Old

Today we traveled to Mastic Point – a settlement just South of Nicholls Town where the group has been staying. Working from a local school there we ran a Vacation Bible School for children from the area. Our first VBS of the 2019 trip was the largest we’ve ever had – 55 children. To some, that might not seem like a lot, but consider this: the total population of North Andros is between 3,000 and 4,000. What this means is that about 1.5% of the entire population of North Andros attended VBS today.

Our expectations were so far exceeded that we ended up not having brought enough sandwiches for lunch, and shared our own (don’t worry, nobody went hungry – a loaves and fishes effect).

We were introduced to new music, new games, and new people, while those who had been on the 2017 trip saw some familiar faces as well.

After VBS we loaded into a couple of vans and went to see one of the natural wonders of Andros – a blue hole. These beautiful pools look something like a particularly deep pond. In fact, they are connected by an underground cave system to the ocean. No swimming was involved, but everyone appreciated the natural beauty.

Andros is home this week to one of the Bahamas’ largest festivals – the All Andros Crab Fest. As a result we’re meeting even more new people at the motel, and at many of the activities we do. Some are locals, or from other parts of the Bahamas, others come from as far away as Canada, and points in between.

When we finally got back to the motel to prepare for dinner, we had several guests to share our dinner with. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships were formed.

We’re all so excited to see what the rest of our VBS days hold… We’ll bring more sandwiches next time…


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