Just another day at work

Thursday dawned to the arrival of all the extra suitcases that came in on the boat. These were the 30 FONA suitcases we had packed at the planning meeting before leaving Johnstown. Filled with VBS supplies, personal care items for the elderly, and items to support the travelers (mostly kitchen supplies, these suitcases were vital to the activities going forward.

The early risers had already begun unpacking suitcases so we could get to another vital staple needed for the ultimate success of the trip: coffee! That taken care of, we began organizing supplies into tables, based on the activities that needed each item.

After breakfast, the adults set about the business of preparing elder care packages. These bags containing toiletries, basic necessities and a small gift will be distributed on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday at the Pop-Up Shop. Teens and young adults joined in the work, hand writing a message on each bag and sealing the completed packages.

With the elder care packages complete, it was time for the teen/pre-teen/young adult project of the day to begin. Armed with brooms (to brush off debris living and inanimate) and brushes, the group painted the outside of the church which will be hosting our group for services on Sunday.

While the youth component completed their project, the adults held a planning meeting and were introduced to additional friends from the island. Eventually youth and adults met at the beach for a cool-off before dinner.

Impact Team Quick Facts

Adults (26+): 11

Teens & Young Adults: 21

Pre-teen: 1


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