A time to celebrate

As our time on Andros grows short we completed our last full impact project. Smoke detectors have traditionally not been a consideration in Bahamian building, at least on Andros. Combined with a less robust and controlled electric grid than we are used to, and frequent overloading of circuits, and you have a recipe for fire.

A team of young men covered the school with smoke detectors while others organized the items which will be left behind. Many of us brought personal items and clothing intending to leave them when we return home. The smoke detector crew even left extras for the new classrooms being built and added additional smoke detectors at Pineville.

The rest of the day was dedicated to packing and celebration. You may not know it, but we had three birthdays and one anniversary during the trip. What we were doing here was important enough to people that they were willing to gloss over special days in their lives for this trip, and today we celebrated, not just their special occasions, but also our successes this trip.

Among the celebratory activities were a sand castle building competition, a sand long jump competition, and an evening celebration with a cookout and cake.


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