A Unique Day

VBS today…

We were prepared…

There would be no half sandwiches…

So of course it was our smallest day. Now, by smallest I mean still about the size of our groups on the last trip, so not tiny by any means. We later learned that there was another VBS going at a local church, which undoubtedly cut into our numbers. But we got some great kids and had a great time.

The VBS started with a rather unusual event: the first (possibly only) FONA Chicken Run… We do like to make the experience interesting. Following the (literal) chicken run, we began getting things ready for the arrival of our VBS students. With ample room to spread out this time each activity had a large room with seating and tables where needed. The kids connected almost immediately. Several had followed us from previous sessions to see their new friends from Ohio. At the end several students and young people shared phone numbers and email addresses so they could keep in contact even after we went home.

With VBS done a group of us split off to speak to the high school administration about how we could help. We got a high level inventory of the computer equipment destroyed in the fire; we will be investigating how we can help with that situation. We also toured the high school library, which needs significant overhaul. Each school gets an allotment for summer maintenance but it’s not enough to cover everything that needs done, especially with the fire.

At the meeting we also discussed placing smoke detectors which we brought in classrooms. We received grateful permission to do so. This work is scheduled for Thursday.

After the meeting we headed out to explore the highest point on the island. At 62 feet the highest point illustrates perfectly just how exposed the island is to weather. Nothing stops wave or wind that strikes the island.

From the highest point we moved on to another natural wonder: Morgan’s Cave. For the Ohioans reading this think a Caribbean version of Old Man’s Cave and you’ll have a general idea. A bit of spelunking later we headed back to the motel.

At the motel, the… interesting day continued with FONA open mic night at the Pineville to accompany our dinner. Everything from a praise song (a neighborhood favorite if comments shouted over the fence by neighbors are any indication) to a flossing competition (the dance move, not an oral hygiene demonstration) to the wonder that is the FONA Fire Rap… it’s not something I could explain even if I wanted to. And I don’t.

The evening done, we turned in to prepare for another interesting day.


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