Our Story

Watching the devastation of Hurricane Matthew unfold on television, Jennifer and Michael Cartwright felt paralyzed waiting for word about the safety of loved ones. 

In those moments, the Cartwrights knew they must help! They also knew their assistance must reach many, be enduring, and support all communities of North Andros. Having already raised their family, they knew the time was right to create an organization that could help post-storm residents and provide investment in the personal and professional development of young North Androsians.

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Friends of North Andros was founded in October 2016 following the devastation created by Hurricane Matthew in North Andros.

Friends of North Andros, affectionately known as FoNA, partnered with the Presbyterian Church of Johnstown and the greater Johnstown community to send six pallets of relief items (clothing, household goods, toys, and educational materials) to North Andros in November 2016. Recognizing the continued need for support and partnership, FoNA organized a Service Trip to North Andros in June of 2017. More than 30 participants, ranging from age 7 to 77, delivered acts of service through restoration, vacation bible school and a career and life skills seminar. These endeavors were met with great enthusiasm by the people and communities of North Andros. And finally a Summer Student Exchange program was established. This program will bring North Androsians to Ohio for a ten-day experience to hone their personal, professional, social, and academic identities. Experiences will include college visits, workplace tours, protocol and etiquette seminars, and youth exchange activities.

To ensure the needs and voices of the next generation are at the forefront of FoNA’s endeavors, a Junior Board was formed. The Junior Board Members serve for three years as social ambassadors to the North Androsian Summer Exchange Students. They will also serve as a vital link to FoNA’s social media presence.

In 2019, the FoNA Board and its supporters will host Summer Exchange Students for a ten-day visit to Central Ohio filled with cultural, educational, motivational, spiritual, and service-based experiences. The service trips to North Andros and the Summer Student Exchange programs will continue in alternating years.

Friends of North Andros is a registered 501(c) 3 organization. TIN: 81-5451133